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The Basics

Understanding Rotation in Dance

Regardless of the style of dance, hip rotation is always being used. Whether your leg is in parallel, turned out or turned in, it is important to understand how the pelvis works with the thigh in order to create these movements. In this article, we discuss rotation in dance....(more)

Tap Terminology: The Difference Between Similar-Sounding Moves

There are many words in tap that are similar movements but have different definitions and executed different. We examine the difference between seemingly similar vocabulary words. ...(more)

10 Characteristics of Dancers

Dance is a difficult field. It takes certain personality traits to hang in there. How many of these 10 characteristics do you posses? ...(more)

How to Do the Beginning Positions of Ballet

Ballet is a dance that is characterized by beauty and grace. If you have ever watched a ballet performance, you have seen how emotional the dances can be, as well as how skilled the dancers are. However, they most likely started with the same beginning positions that everyone has to learn. The following is a list of tips for how to maintain each of the primary positions....(more)

Dance Appreciation

Reasons to Be Thankful For Dance

From health benefits to cognitive development benefits, dance is a wonderful way to get your life back on track. Here are reasons to be thankful for dance....(more)

The Dancing Lifestyle: Facts About The Dancing Life

The dancing life is living a dream; however, there are also many difficulties. Here is a list of what you can expect should you choose to pursue the dancing life....(more)

Tap History: 5 Interesting Facts

Tap dance has a rich history. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about tap dancing....(more)

Adult Dancers

Tips for Adult Dancers Wanting to Take Ballet

If you've never taken ballet before but you've always wanted to, what are you waiting for? Ballet is open to anyone with the desire to learn. It's never too late. Read our tips for adult dancers wanting to take ballet....(more)

Famous Ballet Dancers

Famous ballet dancers have inspired generations of people. Even today, with the decreased visibility of ballet among competing art forms, dancers such as Mikhail Baryshnikov are world-famous. Following is a list of some of the most famous, but it must be understood that it is difficult to impossible to weigh artistic contributions at this level and declare that one is superior to another....(more)

Career in the Arts: Adult Dancer

Many people get experience with dance as children, but there's no reason for you to put dance aside as you get older. With determination and focus, you can put this powerful form of self-expression and communication to work for you in a career as an adult dancer. Whether your form of choice is hip hop, swing, jazz, ballet, freestyle, or anything in between, with proper training and networking, your body can send a host of messages, all of which have value. Be forewarned, though--you'll need to take excellent care of yourself for this profession, and you likely will need to switch gears slightly into something like choreography after a decade or so at the elite level....(more)

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